Systems Pathology: From Proteomics to Toponostics

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From Proteomics to Toponostics

The "Toponostics" concept combines quantitative proteomics with immunohistochemistry (pathology) in order to put together protein quantitation and methods for protein localization in tissue. This concept has been developed by us as a "systems biology" research approach in which time-resolved quantitative protein expression data are merged with precise localization of the proteins of interest. Such comprehensive data are needed for both, pathway analyses and for next generation clinical diagnostics.
The emerging methods of MALDI-MS Imaging promise fast and accurate localizations of proteins from a predefined proteome signature, even when suitable antibodies are not readily available. Hence, particularly for clinical studies MALDI-MS Imaging seems to be perfectly accompanying proteome research for guiding pathologists investigations working with antibody-based immunohistochemistry .