Systems Pathology: From Proteomics to Toponostics

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In order to streamline clinical proteome research projects an in-house developed data base ( ProteoBase ) and laboratory investigation and management system (LIMS) has been established that enables to keep track of all steps of clinical proteomics projects starting with storing (i) clinical data (in anonymized form) that are needed for performing the specific projects, (ii) all information about sample collection in the case room, (iii) each task and result of proteome analysis steps, beginning with sample aliquoting, 2D gel analysis, and mass spectrometry peptide mass fingerprinting as well as MS/MS sequencing, respectively.
The ProteoBase, hence, serves as source for comprehensive bioinformatic data analysis as well as for systems biology projects and is designed to keep track of "dry-lab" results that have been obtained within a given project as well. All principlce investigators and other persons involved in the research projects are able to access data from the ProteoBase at any time and from remote places through web-based interfaces. Access, i.e. reading and/or writing of data, is restricted to defined steps for each user according to preasigned rights which are assigned by the data base administrator upon request of each user and after agreement of the principal investigator has been given. Accordingly, sharing of data from one project with another project is enabled only after research consortia have agreed to do so. Otherwise each research project is protected against outside access use via firewalls and password encoded access.